The Customer Perspective

customer perspective

Seeing things from a customer perspective is a winning strategy. As a customer experience provider, one must discern what the business thinks is a successful customer experience versus what the customer actually experiences. Many times, the provider receives feedback from department heads that work in silo environments and picks up data of what appears to […]

Why Designing an Impeccable Customer Journey is Essential

It is not an easy task to design the ultimate customer experience for any business. In our hyper competitive marketplace and high -speed technology, people expect answers fast and service accommodated flawlessly, and all done with a friendly voice. It is no longer just about the product offering and receiving a superb, tangible product or […]

Redefining Customer Experience With AI in 2022

With the adoption and rise of artificial intelligence into businesses, one must ask does this new AI capability help improve overall customer experience? According to Forbes, the market for call-center AI technology is expected to increase from $800 million in 2019 to $2.8 billion by 2024. And, with this forecast, what does that mean for customer satisfaction and […]

Why Stellar Customer Support is Gold During The COVID Era

As Covid-19 persists, our customer-focus approach becomes firmer and more committed than ever. Our philosophy of people-first is one that trains our agents to put our customers as top priority and accommodate requests as efficiently and as compassionately as possible. Internally,  it has been important to retain our professionally-trained staff and agents during the Covid […]

Driving Quality Retail Customer Service Performance During Holidays

The holidays are looming and ready to take their wrath. That translates to the start of a frenzy retail shopping experience! As a retailer or ecommerce business owner, are you ready to accommodate the high-volume calls for customer service while eliminating painful, long wait time for customers? Are you prepared to scale at a drop […]

Our Culture of Doing IT Right VS Being Right

Our organizational culture at IA Solutions by IA Call Center is a learning hub for excellence, business improvement and demonstrating the best practices of doing things right versus being right. Ethics and cultivating a healthy environment at work is one we place strong principles and heart in. As great people make up our company, so do our client […]