Redefining Customer Experience With AI in 2022

With the adoption and rise of artificial intelligence into businesses, one must ask does this new AI capability help improve overall customer experience?

According to Forbes, the market for call-center AI technology is expected to increase from $800 million in 2019 to $2.8 billion by 2024. And, with this forecast, what does that mean for customer satisfaction and call center operations?

The modern technology of AI (artificial intelligence) is a complementary function for call centers. It is currently being used throughout many businesses, enterprises, retailers, and many call centers. It is known to be used and deployed in IVR system (interactive voice systems) with the goal to expedite and route caller’s needs and queues quickly. It is used to signal and identify data patterns and customer service interactions between caller and agent for interruptions, voice cadence, customer sentiment and any data analysis that can help the customer experience become smoother. However, many callers get frustrated talking to an automated voice prompt at the initial call and want to bypass that to speak with a live agent.

The AI component for contact centers help enhance the operations, fix customer service loopholes and processing of high volume calls, but it certainly is not a replacement for the human touch of service. We, at IA Solutions by IA Call Center, define superior customer experience by offering the human -to -human touch of live agent communication with customers that seek help and resolution. Our professionally-trained agents receive callers’ request with the heart of empathy and compassion as well as assimilate and assess the caller’s immediate needs rather than utilize solely AI’s job of analyzing customer data patterns and requests.

IA Solutions by IA Call Center’s personalized customer support is one that serves the people first with focused attention and human engagement. As more contact centers implement or rely heavily on the source of AI to relieve high calls and high demands for customer service, we intend to match people with people.

Our AI solution acts as a supporting element to what remains our core service: To offer superior, personalized, VIP customer support where IA Solutions by IA Call Center is your strategic partner to help your business scale and grow in greater revenue.

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Ian Tempro, Head of Special Projects, at IA Solutions by IA Call Center writes about his 20+ years of extensive contact center experience in leadership, client relationships, operations and specialized vertical markets.

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