7 Traits Your Call Center Partner Must Have

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An in-depth survey by Salesforce found that nearly 60% of customers would stop doing business with a company if customer service and experiences did not meet their expectations. Let that sink in for a moment – 60%! That is a lot of lost revenue, to be sure. Of course, it doesn’t have to be that […]

Why the Demand for Call Center Outsourcing is Surging

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Over the last few years, it’s been obvious that the world is changing. COVID, a flailing economy, civil unrest, wars, and other world events have changed the way people work, communicate, and even how they shop for goods and services. This ever-changing world has made it hard for many brick-and-mortar companies to do business because […]

The Customer Perspective

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Seeing things from a customer perspective is a winning strategy. As a customer experience provider, one must discern what the business thinks is a successful customer experience versus what the customer actually experiences. Many times, the provider receives feedback from department heads that work in silo environments and picks up data of what appears to […]

Why Designing an Impeccable Customer Journey is Essential

It is not an easy task to design the ultimate customer experience for any business. In our hyper competitive marketplace and high -speed technology, people expect answers fast and service accommodated flawlessly, and all done with a friendly voice. It is no longer just about the product offering and receiving a superb, tangible product or […]

Our Knowledgeable Employees are The Winning Element to Customer Care

Elite, high performing companies have a full understanding that raising the standards of customer service and care is what helps certain companies stand out over others and ultimately retain customers. How do we ensure that your customers’ experiences are elevated throughout their entire journey with your company? Our professionally-trained agents and team are fully trained […]

Employee Retention Equates to Customer Retention

One of our greatest assets at IA Solutions by IA Call Center is our people. We value our people since they are what makes us, our brand, and our reputation. The happier, more tenured employees we have, the better customer service journey they provide. This signals a healthy relationship between a business and its customers. For Employees, the […]

Partnering with a Top Brand Gas Company

As a contact center and strategy partner, IA Solutions by IA Call Center has been a very valued and critical component for a top brand gas company. For over 20 years, this partnership has sustained through health and economic crisis. During this time, we were able to re-evaluate and assess how we can improve and positively impact a […]

Personalization as The Differentiating Factor

In today’s saturated and highly competitive market, the typical standards of doing business as usual is not enough. It takes more to stand out of the crowd and one must ask what is that “golden nugget” that makes a customer choose one over the other? The answer is personalized customer service. Personalized customer service strategy […]

The Elite Concierge Program

The Elite Concierge Program is designed to offer dedicated contact center support, personalized customer service, and detailed customization of programs for scaling and operational efficiency for high value customers. Our program recognizes and selects a small group of customers and partners to collaborate with that require focused attention and VIP customer care. We work and […]