Scalability is The New Speed

Estimated Time to Read: 2 minutes ​It’s inevitable that every growing business will need more staff, more systems, and more resources. As time is of the essence of putting everything together in place, scalability is the new speed to enable a superior customer experience. According to a study recently published in Forbes, more than 83% of US customer service leaders experienced an […]

Why Specialization Matters in Customer Care Service?

Estimated Time to Read: 2 minutes In today’s modern day, it takes more than just “ordinary” to perform outstanding customer service. We are at a time when businesses are rapidly growing and specific markets are accelerating in demand and volume. Specialization in contact centers is now a favorable and compelling element for scaling businesses that want to know you have decades […]

How Does Artificial Intelligence Affect Customer Experience Expectations?

Estimated Time to Read: 2 minutes Technology innovations such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) has changed the playing fields for contact center solutions and call center data. Major AI tech innovation such as Natural Language Generation and speech recognition with Machine Learning platform and virtual agents are being used in the forms of chatbots and AI interactive customer service systems. ​Chatbots, Natural […]

Our Culture of Doing IT Right VS Being Right

Estimated Time to Read: 2 minutes Our organizational culture at IA Solutions by IA Call Center is a learning hub for excellence, business improvement and demonstrating the best practices of doing things right versus being right. Ethics and cultivating a healthy environment at work is one we place strong principles and heart in. As great people make up our company, so do our client […]

What is The True Definition of Customer Service?

Estimated Time to Read: 2 minutes As we navigate through this sea of health and economic crisis, one must wonder what does the definition of true customer service mean in the contact center industry? With increases in call volumes due to the nature of the pandemic, virtual assistance and call center solution are escalating and customer demands are requiring more customized […]

Work Stress and Employee Burnout: What Can You Do About it?

Estimated Time to Read: 2 minutes Employee burnout can sometimes be inconspicuous. And with today’s remote workers as the “new norm”, it can be even more difficult to detect the behavior behind the screens. Work stress and unresolved issues that are not communicated can escalate to major employee burnout.  When employee burnout does happen, there are major consequences tied to business […]

Is Your Online Business Seamless with Omni-Channel Services?

Estimated Time to Read: 2 minutes Driving businesses online is what we do and we can support businesses that require a strong online presence and ease of contact. Every business deserves a professional contact center that represents their brand and is customized to meet their operational needs. With more and more businesses migrating to ecommerce, and remote presence, this has become […]

How to Strategically Build Your Business During COVID-19?

Estimated Time to Read: 2 minutes During our current pandemic of COVID-19, businesses are forced to get smarter in the way they run their customer care operations. Now, with federal & state health orders and regulations in place, on -site businesses and other scaling businesses are in dire need to adopt a new way of working with advanced technologies & supportive […]

Why Our Customers are Our Partners!

Estimated Time to Read: 2 minutes The antiquated model of a stereotypical business transaction is no longer serving us. A single purchase in areas where it’s appropriate may work, but for long-term success, investment and commitment are necessary components in strong relationship-building and business partnerships. In every business, there is the typical business transaction of closing a deal. Purely transactional, a […]

Why Choose IA Solutions by IA Call Center for Your Business Process Outsourcing?

Estimated Time to Read: 2 minutes As a distinguished boutique call center, IA Solutions by IA Call Center is built on 50 years of service that is a rarity in this industry. When partnering with IA Solutions by IA Call Center you get a small contact center with a personalized approach that demonstrates capabilities surpassing that of much larger companies. IA Solutions by IA Call Center caters to direct- to- […]