Our Culture of Doing IT Right VS Being Right

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Our organizational culture at IA Solutions by IA Call Center is a learning hub for excellence, business improvement and demonstrating the best practices of doing things right versus being right. Ethics and cultivating a healthy environment at work is one we place strong principles and heart in. As great people make up our company, so do our client relationships that reflect our core values and integrity.

A strong culture in a company shares its set of beliefs and values to their employees. Management can instill a foundation of cooperation and openness to listen to any employee insights and constructive feedback to help further the company’s growth and efficiencies. Our company does not invest in being right. Our company is about making the right decisions that benefits all parties and future endeavors. This distinction in value consciousness is one that translates to all areas of expected employee behavior, optimized performance, and operations of our business with our staff internally and with partners externally.

The diverse collective of our employees and varying, opposing mindsets are actually a positive alchemy that enhances our organization into a richer culture of new ideas, new vantage points, and new ways of doing things, conceiving the best -of -breed solutions. While our employees feel respected of their shared opinions and feedback, it also solidifies employee harmony and satisfaction for long- term employment and joy in the workplace. By listening to the employees, our organization is fostering an environment of trust, cooperation and interdependence that everyone is heard and IA Solutions by IA Call Center becomes a work place of appreciation, teamwork, and high expectations.

As our organization grows, the culture within translates into greater customer care service for our outside partners with deeper attention, empathy and strategic vision. IA Solutions by IA Call Center’s philosophy is one of continual progression, recognizing any past errors, correcting them, and bettering our people, company policies and relationships with partners. We see our clients as strategic partners that we collaborate with, share company goals and targeted revenue with and less a one-time transactional dynamic of doing business. We respect our partners and accommodate to their changing needs and visions that will help them focus on their business goals and leaving the contact center services to us.

We approach our partners by listening and learning and what we can do to improve and help make the processes smoother allows us to produce our best work as it pertains to the specific needs of the program and their business needs.

To offer 5- Star customer solutions and customer service for our partners offered by our team is our goal and we are happy to serve them with utmost respect and attentiveness.

We are proud of the 50 years of organizational culture we’ve built and the partners we serve and the staff we call family.

About IA Solutions by IA Call Center:
IA Solutions by IA Call Center is a second-generation family-owned contact center with a 50-year history of innovation in the answering service and BPO sectors.

Our mission is to empower our partners to scale their customer service and sales to new heights by leveraging our unique capabilities in an omni-channel environment. We provide customized service packages that meet your brand needs with a 5 star, white-glove customer care service.

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Ian Tempro, COO, at IA Solutions by IA Call Center writes about his 20+ years of extensive contact center experience in leadership, client relationships, operations and specialized vertical markets.

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