Scalability is The New Speed

​It’s inevitable that every growing business will need more staff, more systems, and more resources. As time is of the essence of putting everything together in place, scalability is the new speed to enable a superior customer experience.

According to a study recently published in Forbes, more than 83% of US customer service leaders experienced an upsurge in contact volumes across live chat, messaging, email, web and social media since 2020. What this means is customer contact center services are on the rise and businesses will need this service to help them scale and receive the proper customer support and operations to deliver their product offerings.

Since IA Solutions by IA Call Center has been established for 50 years, we have the know-hows, industry knowledge, decades of contact center experience, and the scalability tools that can be implemented at a drop of a hat if a partner needs us in immediate fashion. There is no need to hire more professionally-trained staff or do branded scripting, install any communication systems since IA Solutions by IA Call Center comes with a one-stop-shop contact center solutions.

Providing a 5-star- customer experience is the end goal for any partner. As one example, 77 percent of customers responding to a recent Pegasystems survey said they would take their business elsewhere if they received poor service. Another 60% of customers would prefer an empathetic customer experience over any quick resolution according to Genesys. It is said the top ranked attributes of a phenomenal customer service experience was service from an agent who makes it clear they understand the customer’s situation, even if it takes longer to resolve. Undoubtedly, 70 percent of consumers say a company is only as good as its service.

Scalability plus empathetic, thoughtful, solutions-oriented customer service is what’s going to help any business win and increase customer retention.


About IA Solutions by IA Call Center:

​IA Solutions by IA Call Center is a second-generation family-owned contact center with a 50-year history of innovation in the answering service and BPO sectors.

​Our mission is to empower our partners to scale their customer service and sales to new heights by leveraging our unique capabilities in an omni-channel environment. We provide customized service packages that meet your brand needs with a 5 star, white-glove customer care service.

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Ian Tempro, Head of Special Projects, at IA Solutions by IA Call Center writes about his 20+ years of extensive contact center experience in leadership, client relationships, operations and specialized vertical markets.

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