Employee Retention Equates to Customer Retention

One of our greatest assets at IA Solutions by IA Call Center is our people. We value our people since they are what makes us, our brand, and our reputation. The happier, more tenured employees we have, the better customer service journey they provide. This signals a healthy relationship between a business and its customers.

For Employees, the added flexibility of remote work creates a better work life -balance, which builds digital fluency, increases productivity, elevates performance and brings the customer experience into greater focus.

For Customers, this creates a ripple effect. Employees who are more passionate about their work and the products they support are more willing to go the extra mile in service of keeping that customer.

In our industry, we discovered that 65% of a company’s business comes from existing customers. 68% of customers leave because they feel the company doesn’t care about their business and finally, about 42% of customers would stop using a brand if the company didn’t have a real-time customer support line.

These statistics demonstrate how critical positive customer engagement is and the importance of making customers feel valued. Customer loyalty requires a superior customer experience. It all comes back to how they were treated, accommodated, and how personalized the customer care was.

Lowering your customer churn rate by 5% can increase your profitability by 25% to 125%. By making highly- effective, slight adjustments you can improve the trajectory of profit and sales revenue, but most importantly impact customer retention and future long-term relationships. Know your customers’ needs, offer them VIP, “white glove” treatment and resolve their issues, and they will come back time & time again.

For both parties, on both ends matter, Employees and Customers – It’s like a dance. Each partner needs the other to create a mutually beneficial relationship where both can thrive and have an enjoyable and rewarding experience. By creating a positive environment with a strong emphasis on employee morale, we offer a workplace that provides support and empathy, that in turn, creates a pleasant and positive space for customers that come inhabit.

Employee retention ultimately translates to consistent customer retention.

About IA Solutions by IA Call Center:

IA Solutions by IA Call Center is a second-generation family-owned contact center with a 50-year history of innovation in the answering service and BPO sectors.

Our mission is to empower our partners to scale their customer service and sales to new heights by leveraging our unique capabilities in an omni-channel environment. We provide customized service packages that meet your brand needs with a 5 star, white-glove customer care service.

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Ian Tempro, Head of Special Projects, at IA Solutions by IA Call Center writes about his 20+ years of extensive contact center experience in leadership, client relationships, operations and specialized vertical markets.

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