Investing in Customer Experience Strategy

customer experience strategy
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It’s true.

It is no longer just about price or product features. It is about how the customer remembers their experience with you.

Today’s businesses have evolved to focusing on human relationships and defining what a high-value, positive, memorable customer experience looks like. This has become the primary goal over price and features that businesses know can change the game for customer retention, loyalty and revenue growth.

Offering a superior customer experience requires meticulous planning, strategy, and customer feedback while ensuring all touchpoints of a customer experience is delivered seamlessly and with joy.

​Customer experience strategy is now a critical element in understanding customer behavior, needs, and paying close attention to who they are.

What are some of the criteria to assess and implement?

1. Setting Core Values & Principles

Before implementing and accommodating customers, the customer support team will need to understand and enforce the core values and principles of the company’s philosophy. A customer- centric mindset combined with humility and empathy should be at the heart of any customer engagement program.

2. Who Are Your Customers?

Knowing who you are serving is of paramount importance. Assessing the persona, purchase history, demographics and buying patterns of your clientele will help you define how that experience can be enhanced to convert your customer into a lifelong VIP. Creating an emotional connection between customer and brand understanding, purchasing intent and tendencies is critical to creating a positive customer journey. Anticipating their next needs and creating personalized offerings shows that the brand cares and the customer will stay loyal to it.

3. Where Are The Touch Points?

Every customer journey needs adequate customer engagement and interaction. Touch points are opportunities for your team to show customers appreciation and care for them. From answering the first customer call to billing questions or entering a brand’s facility, the journey reveals its consistency of top-notch service or loopholes that indicate customer service improvements. Solving a customer’s needs is essentially what we do and to perform it well.

4. Metrics and Customer Feedback

Customer data and metrics help measure the success of the customer journey funnel. By analyzing the performance metrics, the brand can better gauge the pulse of a customer’s needs and if they were satisfactorily met. Customer feedback also shows the brand’s sincere efforts to better understand and improve any inadequacies within the customer journey so that it is not repeated again.

5. The Bottom Line

After the process and cycle of customer journeys, businesses can measure the ROI for specific new procedures or any increases in revenue for making customer adjustments. Is customer retention and an upsell a more economic move than acquiring a new customer? Did your customers become loyal to your brand and have them become your aka “brand ambassadors”?

Customer expectations are on the rise because of the speed of technology and our modern environment. When you have sources like Amazon, people are only familiar with getting everything quickly and easily. By having a strong customer experience strategy in place, your business can rise above the noise and in the long run, keep your existing customers happy and attract new customers that want and expect stellar customer experience.

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Ian Tempro, COO, at IA Solutions by IA Call Center writes about his 20+ years of extensive contact center experience in leadership, client relationships, operations and specialized vertical markets.

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