Partnering With IA Solutions by IA Call Center In The Financial Periodical Industry

Staying On Top Of The Economy And Latest Financial News Are Critical Factors For Businesses And Retail Investing.

In the next 5 years, we will see an estimated $7 Trillion in global investments. According to CatanaCapital, the Crypto currency & Financial market has not seen any disruptions during COVID-19, and if anything, it is on the rise. Whether it’s traditional investing, retail investing, IPO’s, or SPAC’s, this financial periodical market is poised to consistently increase in volume, which means an increase in reliable, customer support services as well in the next decade or more.

As partners, we are an extension of your brand and have decades of contact center experience to guide and navigate you on how to provide the highest level of customer care. We offer in-depth product knowledge, tech support, market research and quality customer engagement to accommodate your customer requests professionally and efficiently.

Helping your company eliminate any missed sales opportunities, or potential lost revenue from unmet customer service are some of the duties we take upon. As contact center experts, we offer a seamless process to receiving your messages and any pertinent customer info with impeccability.

About IA Solutions by IA Call Center

IA Solutions by IA Call Center is a second-generation family-owned contact center with a 50-year history of innovation in the answering service and BPO sectors.

Our mission is to empower our partners to scale their customer service and sales to new heights by leveraging our unique capabilities in an omni channel environment.

We provide customized service packages that meet your brand needs with a 5 star, white-glove customer care service.

Why IA Solutions by IA Call Center?